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Bel Air
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Tapered Artisan

Enables you to achieve the beauty of an authentic mortar-boosted clay roof for that Old World, Spanish tile look. You choose the Boosted Cap color to complement your Capistrano tile, as well as how much “Boost” to use and how you would like your mortar to look. An Eagle Representative will be happy to help you customize your look.

Conventional    Lightweight

Conventional Weight tile weighs between 9-12 pounds per square foot. Homes and Buildings designed after 1990 should have the additional reinforcement built in their roof framing to withstand this type of weight. It is recommended that you contact your roofing contractor to ensure your building is structurally sound.
Lightweight tile weighs less, about 6 pounds per square foot. This type of tile is best on reroof projects, especially homes that were built before 1990. It is recommended that you contact your roofing contractor to ensure the basic framing of your house or building is structually sound for this type of tile.
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Energy Efficiency  
*Color bonded/slurry tiles not recommended in locales subject to repeated freeze-thaw cycles
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Our Eagle Cool Roof tiles have been tested and approved as highly reflective, which can help reduce your energy costs by 10-30%. They also have environmental benefits as well, by reducing global warming and urban heat island effects, smog and the production of CO2. By using our Cool Roof rated products, you will not only have an attractive looking home but an energy efficient one as well.
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Bel Air

Golden Eagle

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